Protection of IP Rights
We assist with protecting, enforcing and defending all types of intellectual property rights throughout the world, including patents, trade marks, designs, copyright, domain names and company names.

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IP Disputes
We assist our clients on all types of IP disputes, including those relating to ownership, infringement and validity of intellectual property rights.

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IP Consultancy Service
We can provide a full range of IP services in-house. Our consultancy services are offered on a fixed fee basis, with packages tailored to clients' specific requirements.

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IP Portfolio Maintenance and Access
We maintain fully detailed records of patent, trade mark and design portfolios on behalf of our clients.

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IP Audits and Reviews
We have wide experience of carrying out IP audits, working with the clients to identify and evaluate early stage technology and advising on the best and most cost-effective ways of protecting any patentable inventions.

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IP Education
We can provide on-site, in-house training aimed at client's personnel to whom an understanding of IP and its exploitation is important.

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Technology Transfer and Licensing
We help clients to identify any intellectual property assets which are not core to their business so may provide an out-licensing opportunity
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Small Business Support
We endeavour to assist and advise individuals and small businesses grappling with intellectual property issues for the first time.

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Intellectual Property Valuation
We offer bespoke, specialist IP valuation across the full spectrum of intellectual property assets, including patents, trade marks, copyright, brands, software and systems, business methods and processes, know-how, trade secrets, and reputational rights.

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